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Public Speaking

I am available for speaking engagements, events and workshops.

Events can include:

Sex and intimacy presentations

Couples’ Getaways


Bachelorette Parties / Bridal Showers

Expert Panels

Public SpeakingThe Sexual Dance Of The Masculine And The Feminine

Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony join forces for a candid presentation of powerful and juicy talk about masculinity, femininity and sexuality.

They will explore the mystery of the feminine, the power of the masculine, the beautiful dance between the two and the dynamic nature of sexual polarity and connection.

For most people sex is one of the most pleasurable and frustrating part of their lives. But what makes relationships work and sex great?

They will cover:

  • The biggest struggles and mistakes that they see in couples
  • How to identify the polarity in your relationship
  • How to create a deeper emotional & sexual connection with your partner

Sex is a powerful force for connection, energy, the immune system, and many other benefits. Don’t let misconceptions prevent you from enjoying it’s many far-reaching benefits. Making love and having fun is part of the human experience.

Free your sexual energy to fill your life with joy.

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Jade Egg Workshop

What if I told you that…

An ancient secret practice with a jade egg could transform your life, your relationships and unlock your feminine power!

That’s right, you can be turned ON from the inside out, exude unshakable confidence, radiate feminine glow and palpable sexual energy.

MaJade Egg workshopgical? You say….

Yes and totally possible.

Join Céline Remy  to get in touch with your full feminine power and learn how to open up to more pleasure in life.

In this 3hrs experiential workshop, we will go straight to the core, guiding you to uncover:

> the 3 essential keys for a masterful practice

> juicy warm ups to activate your sexual power

> pelvic floor techniques and meditations to supercharge your orgasmic sensations

> the essence of your yin energy

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